What benefits can you package?

What benefits can you package?

The Salvation Army

You may be eligible for the following salary packaging options:


General Living Expenses

When you work for a benevolent institution, charity or aged care facility, you are entitled to spend up to $15,900 free from income tax tax every year, on expenses such as your mortgage, rent and money spent on your credit card.


Meal Entertainment

You also get up to $2,650 additional tax-free money to spend towards meal entertainment. This helps you enjoy things like dining out, hotel accommodation, venue hire and catering expenses.


Remote Area Housing benefits

Remote area housing benefits are available to employees living and working in a remote area.


Relocation Cost

If you have relocated for work purposes you may be eligible for additional tax-savings over and above your ordinary salary packaging amounts.

You may also be able to salary package the following benefits:

Novated Leasing

You can Salary package a car and save more


Are you already paying for these today? If you answer is YES then you need to talk to us!


You can salary package the costs of your vechicle finance and running costs under a novated lease. This is on top of your everyday expenses and meal entertainment, allowing you to gain even more savings from your salary packaging arrangements! Contact us for more information.