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Employees of public hospitals are eligible to package up to $9,009 per FBT year for general living expenses and up to $2,650 per FBT year for meal entertainment.

What can I package?

Living Expenses

Under the Living Expenses Cap, you can salary package many of your daily expenses, including things such as Mortgage or Rent, credit card repayments, or school fees. There are many other eligible items, and SalaryPackagingPLUS will work with you to determine which expenses you can package.

Employees of public hospitals are eligible to package up to $9009 per FBT year for living expenses.

  • Mortgage Package
  • International Flight Package
  • School Fee Package
  • Child Care Fees Package
  • Creadit Card Package
  • Health Insurance Package
  • Personal Loans Package
  • Rent Package

Meal Entertainment

The Meal Entertainment benefit helps you to cover the costs of dining out with family and friends. The capped amount for this benefit is in addition to the amount you can use towards Living Expenses.

Employees of public hospitals are eligible to package up to $2,650 per FBT year for meal entertainment.

This includes dine-in meals for two or more people, or self-catering costs for a special occasion such as a birthday party.

  • Dine-in Package
  • Catering Package

Remote Area Housing

Remote area housing is a benefit available to employees living and working in a remote area. You can potentially salary package up to $18,018 per year towards these benefits, while only 50% is subject to the exemption cap. This helps you increase the total amount you can salary package beyond the normal exemption cap.

To qualify for this benefit, you must be living and working in a remote area as defined by the Australian Tax Office.

There is a benefit to suit all situations, whether you rent, have a mortgage, or are building a new home in a remote area. If you are salary packaging a remote area housing benefit, you can also include residential fuel such as gas, electricity, or firewood.

Commonly Packaged Items

  • Remote Area Fuel Package
  • Remote Area Rental Payment Package
  • Remote Area Mortgage Interest Package
  • Remote Housing Package

Novated Leasing

Feel like your dream car is out of reach? A novated lease is the easiest and most cost-effective way of driving the car you love and can be taken out on top of your other benefits!

Bundle the finance of your vehicle and running costs into one easy payment each pay cycle, taken from your pre- and post-tax salary.

A Novated Lease includes the following:

  • Comprehensive Insurance Package
  • Tyres Package
  • Vehicle Repayment Package
  • Roadside Assistance Package
  • Fuel Card Package
  • Maintenance Package
  • Registration Package

Salary Packaging Cards

Salary Packaging Cards are the easiest way to enjoy the benefits of Salary Packaging, with none of the hassle. Working with you and your employer, SalaryPackagingPLUS will load your pre-tax funds onto easy-to-use debit cards each pay cycle.

You can choose to have either a Meal Entertainment or Living Expenses Card (or both) depending on what you are packaging. These cards can be used anywhere in Australia and overseas that Visa is accepted, even over the phone and online.

Living Expenses Card

This card covers most purchases that are made for you and your family's everyday needs, this can include, but is not limited to:

  • Insurances (Home, Life, Car, Health)
  • Groceries
  • Electricity/Gas bills
  • Phone/Internet bills
  • School Fees

Meal Entertainment Card

As an additional benefit, the Meal Entertainment Card allows you to allocate funds for social events and dining out, all from your pre-tax salary! Use your Meal Entertainment Card to pay for:

  • Dining Out with friends or family

Share of Savings

Salary packaging results in a tax saving for employees. As a NSW Health employee, the arrangements for your salary packaging are based on a 50% share of savings arrangement.

This means that the tax saving achieved through salary packaging, together with the annual administrative fee, is shared equally between you and your Local Health District.

You receive half of the tax savings and the other half is reinvested into the promotion and growth of Australia’s largest health agency – NSW Health.

Staff specialists receive a different share of savings. Please contact our team for more information on 1300 40 25 23.