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With the FBT year ending on March 31, the start of a new calendar year is a great time to make sure that you have maximised your packaging arrangements. By ensuring that you have provided all relevant information well before March 31 you can guarantee that your packaging continues into the new FBT year without a hitch.

Final Claim Date

If you have any meal entertainment or accommodation claims, ensure that you have provided proof of payment along with a claim form prior to Friday 15th of March to ensure your claim is processed in the current FBT year. If you are paid monthly, the cut off date for submitting claims is Friday 1st of March.

Held Balances

If we are currently holding any funds, you will need to provide sufficient evidence by the 22nd of March, to guarantee those funds are released to you without impacting the following year’s salary packaging arrangements.

If we carry held funds over into the new FBT year, this may reduce the amount that you are eligible to claim in the new FBT year.

MyCardPlus Cards

If you have a MyCardPlus Living Expense or Meals Card, you will need to make sure that all purchases are completed prior to the 31st of March. If you have any funds left on your MyCardPlus card(s) after this date, it will reduce the amount that you are able to claim in the next FBT year by the amount remaining on the card.

Example- You are able to claim $2650 per FBT year towards Meals. You have $200 left on your card on April 1st. You are now only able to have $2440 salary packaged to your card in the new FBT year.

Living Expenses Card Image
Living Expenses Card
Living Expenses Card Image
Meal Entertainment Card

Amend current deductions

In order to make any changes for your final pays, we would encourage you to have any amendments provided to us a full two weeks prior to your last pay date of the FBT Year.

Remote Area Housing

If you are currently accessing Remote Area Housing benefits, you will need to ensure that you provide us with any Mortgage Interest statements that you wish to claim but currently haven’t provided. As this benefit does not automatically carry over into the new year, you will need to provide us with proof of interest charges as they become available to you. Our recommendation is that every time you receive a mortgage interest statement (regardless of the time of year) you fill out a claim form and send it straight into us. This also applies to Remote Area Housing fuel claims.

If you are claiming Remote Area Housing rent, you may need to provide us with your current tenancy agreement, this is to ensure that we are not salary packaging rent that you are not eligible to salary package.

Any Questions?

We will always contact you to let you know of any specific action required at end of FBT-Year. However, if you have any questions or concerns about your particular circumstances, we’re here to help.

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