What is Salary Packaging?

Salary packaging is an ATO approved way of restructuring your income. It allows you to pay for a range of everyday items out of your pre-tax income rather than your after-tax salary, hence increasing your take home pay.

What can I salary package?

There are many items available such as your mortgage, rent, and credit cards amongst other. Please contact us on 1300 40 80 46 or [email protected] to find out what else could be salary packaged.

Can I backdate receipts and statements? How far back?

Yes, receipts up to 12 months old for all standard salary packaging items can be backdated.

Where can I send signed my applications and other documents?

Please scan and email any applications and documents relating to salary packaging to us at [email protected]

Do I need to submit original supporting documents or will a scanned copy be sufficient?

Scanned copies of your original supporting documents are accepted. Please email us the scanned copy along with the relevant reimbursement form.

We would recommend keeping your original copies in case of auditing purposes.

Will I need to provide proof of my Salary Packaging arrangement when I complete my tax return?

No, when completing your tax return the only additional step is to report the fringe benefit value which will appear on your payment summary (group certificate) from your employer.

What is a fringe benefit?

A fringe benefit is a non-cash benefit provided in respect of employment. This effectively means a benefit provided to somebody as a result of their employment as defined by the ATO. Benefits that are included in a salary package arrangement are a fringe benefit.

What is FBT?

Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) is the tax that is levied by the ATO on fringe benefits provided to employees in respect of their employment. Through a well structured program, an employee will not have to pay FBT through the various tax concessions in place for certain organisations and the employee contribution method (ECM).

I am changing job, can I continue to salary package with my prospective employer who also offers salary packaging?

Yes, you can continue to Salary Package. Please contact us so that we can transfer your salary packaging arrangement to your new employer.